Online and Mobile Community Payment System


Welcome to AERMarks! 

The AERMarks system is a totally free digital currency system that helps keep money changing hands locally.

AERMarks help community members to form a free business or advertisement on our site to sell to other members of the community. Our money changes hands more rapidly so will more readily enter your hands as an individual.

AERMarks benefit businesses by offering a free way to accept payments. AERMarks can be used as a customer rewards program and will need to be spent so will increase customer traffic at your stores.

AERMarks gives money to local charities and cultural endeavors. When you exchange US Dollars for AERMarks, 6% goes to a designated non-profit. Furthermore, in the AERMark system, money in your account slowly transforms into gift currency called Leaven. Leaven can be directed to the local OSCG (Organizations of Social or Cultural Good) of each user's choosing. OSCG's can convert Leaven back to AERMarks and spend them in the local economy.